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Momeni Industrial Group


Momeni Industrial Group.

                  Industrial Metal work

                 Design & manufacturing



 Momeni Industrial Group With more than 35 years Experience In steel fabrication jobs in different  field established in three separate factory.

1: Machinery

2: trailer and material handling

3: Pre-fabricated building & steel structure


Here we glade to introduce some activity and finished project for all divisions as bellow list.



Machinery & metal working 


     Established in Etihad Industrial zone of Tehran   with the   5,000 Square Meters Covered Area, full machinery facilities and trained specialist stuffs.

The bellow list showed some of these activities.


ü       Design and manufacturing of production lines, spare parts & machines for the industries requirements.

ü            Shahid bahonar cupper refinery  (design & manufacturing)  1700 MT

ü       Iran khodro Bus manufacturing  (D&M Painting line)             400  MT

ü       Al-Mahdi Aluminium refinery (Grating & accessory )             250 MT

ü       Mazandaran wood &paper mill (Design & Manufacturing)     1000 MT



   ü                 Melting  Furnaces  And  Its  Spare  Parts  Which  Have  Been  Supplied  To  Battery Manufacturing    Co.(  NIROO BATERRY)  & (  NOOR BATTERY ) Also‚  QANI ABAD Cupper mill .




  ü     Ball  Grinding  Machines Used  In  Tiles  And  Ceramics  Industries‚ In  Deferent  Capacity‚  Manufactured   And  Supplied  To:

ü      Pars  Ceram Co.

ü      Chinie - E – Khord

ü      Sarah  Ceramic

ü      Ceramic -E - Semnan

ü     Ceramic  - E - Azerbaijan

ü     And  Etc . 




ü          Design & Manufacturing of special Parts and Conveyors as , Belt Conveyors      

        Chain Conveyors and Screw Conveyors for :

       Kerman Cement factory

       Loshan Cement factory

       Kompoust Ash refinery

       Tehran gypsum mill

       Azarbayejan cement factory

       Semnan gypsum mill

       Jahrum &…  





ü        Bargozari  Training  in welding projects in different field for the big  factories :

ü     Argon welding

ü     Argon- co2 welding 

ü     Submerge  welding

ü     Plasma cutting

ü        Plate Preparation for the Storage Tank Body and Fabrication of the tank farms in oil field and offshore projects.




ü         Design & manufacturing of  Rolling  Machines  For steel  Plates  Up  To  3000  mm  Width  And thickness of  20  mm.


ü         Design & manufacturing of  roll forming machine to producing  Various  Open  Section  Such  As  "Z" And  "U" 


ü        Various   Steel Structure  Projects  Have  Undertaken  For  Construction  With Tonnage       Of  1000  Tons .


ü        Under  Our  Manufacturing  Program‚ Oil Storage  Tanks  Ranging  From  Are  Also Undertaken‚  According  To  The  Customers  Drawings  And  Specifications.



 Bulk Carrier and Trailer manufacturing



      This factory established in 1983 in the 50,000. m2 area with 85 km      distance form Tehran in (ABEYEK CEMENT FACTORY IND. ZONE).

It is the leader in Bulk transporter manufacturing in Iran.

We started the  bulk trailer manufacturing under license of BRIAB (European tech )and we are doing the design and manufacturing of any type of bulk carrier trailer in various field:




ü      Manufacturing and Design of steel bulk trailers in different capacity and  shape for the bulk transportation of :

ü     Cement

ü     Gypsum

ü     Fly ash

ü     Alumina powder

ü     Granules and …




ü        Flat bed trailer and car carriers

ü        Manufacturing  several type Aluminum bulk carriers for the floor ,sugar and food stuff powder in different volume (16 to 45 CBM).only in one order from the ministry of industries, 100 unite has been made by MIG and all of them are on the road.




ü        Design & manufacturing  different type of storage silo with the Carbon

        steel ,stainless steel ,Galvanized steel and aluminum :

ü        Main Pasta manufacturers to store the row material (Flour )

ü        Animal feed manufacturers




ü        Chicken farms and flour mills 




ü        Design and manufacturing of chicken feed handling  system .




ü              Pressure vessels and storage tanks for oil field  and special requirements as per ASME standards.

ü        Hydro mechanicals and pipe line elbows for the water pipe line of Sade.

ü        Diesel tanker trailers for N.I.O.P.C



ü        Water tanker in several volumes fro the Government project  




 pre-fabricated building & Steel structure    


        This division with more than 30 years experience in pre engineering building structure has been passed more than 400 projects with the same system in Iran and also has been exported some of them to the G.C.C and some other neighbor countries.




 ü     Jiroft Road bridges with 60 miter length

ü      Iranshahr road bridge with 45 miter length

ü     Firooz kooh road bridge with 30 miter length

ü     Concrete moulds for teas company

ü     Khoram shahr Skied way




ü       Magsoud ceramic factory main building                          22000  m2

ü       Artavil tire factory main building                                  15000  m2

ü       Gilan packet factory main building                                 1400   m2

ü       Tak baft factory main building                                       1100   m2

ü       Khorasan ceramic factory main building                         11000  m2

ü       Mahan chiken farm main building                                   10500 m2

ü       Mashhad carpet                                                             7000   m2

ü       Karkheh sad workshop                                                   20000 m2

ü       Kross production salon                                                  1000   MT

ü       Sipa disel production area                                            1400   MT

ü       Parsian production salon                                                5000 




ü       Wight Tower                                                                  21 floor

ü       Baharan Tower                                                              13 floor

ü       Aje Tower                                                                     13 floor

ü       Zaferaniyeh tower                                                        15 floor

ü       Orumiyeh peyvand (4 block )each                                  14 floor

ü       Bonab N.G.O (7 block)each                                            12 floor



Hence‚  According  To  The  All  Above  Mentioned  Points  We  Believe  That we Have The  Full  Capability  To  Deal  With  Our  Customer  Satisfactorily .Also we  Are  Ready To  Collaborate  With  Foreign  Manufacturers  In  The  Field Of  Manufacturing  Of  Parts And any steel fabrication For  Various heavy industrial jobs ‚ Or  Any  Other  Proposal  Proposed  By  Our  Customer.       




Tel:  +982625382470-1

Fax: +982625382472










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